Phoenix Machinery - Safra, Lebanon   Phoenix Energy - Safra, Lebanon   Phoenix Technology UAE, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE  
Phoenix group of companies operates in Lebanon and the United States:
Manufacturer of hygiene and tissue converting machines, and CNC components & machined parts; developer & integrator of machinery automation, process automation & power distribution solutions

Phoenix Energy (Safra, Lebanon)
Supplier of renewable energy products, such as solar heaters, wind turbines, biomass boilers for domestic & commercial use, and manufacturer of minced solid

Wooden Frame Houses (Safra, Lebanon)
Manufacturer of customizable wooden frame houses using American wood - offering a fully-engineered packaging including design of wall framing, flooring, roofing and outer finishing.

Phoenix Technology UAE (Ras Al Khaimah, UAE)
Developer of customer-specific automation solutions in all areas of business - from project planning to the commissioning of machines, plants and systems

Phoenix companies are members of INDEVCO Group, headquartered in Lebanon.

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